Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS): Educator Resources


The Statewide Pre-ETS team is excited to share resources on Hot Topics in the five (5) Pre-ETS areas. Please enjoy exploring, downloading, and utilizing the resources posted here and check back for monthly updates with new topics!

What are Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)?

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS), are services for students who experience barriers to employment due to disabilities. Pre-ETS fall into five main categories— job exploration counseling, work-based learning, workplace readiness, self-advocacy and post-secondary counseling. The goal of Pre-ETS is to prepare students for equitable and integrated employment based on the students’ own preferences, interests, needs and strengths.

Pre-ETS Providers are available to support your students’ needs. Providers in your region can provide

· Individual engagement

· Assessments

· Classroom supports

· Group focused activities

· Student to work pathway exploration

· Connections to community providers

For more specific examples check out the listed services under each individual Pre-ETS category.

Pre-ETS are services funded by Vocational Rehabilitation for more information, and to request a consult for services visit Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation's Youth Services Page.

New Hot Topics Monthly!

Job Exploration Counseling provides students with a variety of activities to explore their career interests, the skills needed for different jobs and the opportunities available in their own community. Hot Topics include:

  • Interest Inventories

  • Informational Interviews

  • Job Clubs

Work-Place Readiness activities teach students about the general skills and attitudes necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Hot Topics include:

  • Interviewing

  • Resume and Master Applications

  • Keeping a job

Self-Advocacy is the ability to communicate one’s own needs, interests and desires. Hot Topics include:

  • Group Activities

  • Discussing Disability

  • One Page Profiles

Work Based Learning is meant to give students real world experiences. Hot Topics include:

  • Employer Engagment

  • Tracking Work Experience

  • Informational Interviews

Post-Secondary Counseling services offer students the information and tools concerning the training needed to pursue their chosen career. Hot Topics include:

  • Navigating Post Secondary Options

  • Accommodations

Contact your Local Pre-ETS provider to find out more about, eligibility, consultations, and individual and group lessons.

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