The IDEAL team investigates computational approaches based on machine learning to interface data-driven models to materials characterization. Our expertise in computer vision has been applied to multimodal imaging for measuring 2D and 3D structure across spatial scales, which is key to advance research and design of new materials imaged using instruments reliant on x-ray, electron, confocal, and other light-matter interactions. Our current focus is on applications such as lithium metal batteries, biofuel, and plant-microbe-environment interactions.

Dani Ushizima

Ph.D. - Principal Investigator

Computer scientist focused on empowering labs to make decisions through Computer Vision and Machine Learning, a researcher with 20+ years of experience in performing data analysis, focused on energy and biomedical research projects. Awarded Latina in Science in 2021. DOE Early Career Awardee [more].

Marcus Noack

Ph.D. - Research Scientist at LBL

Mathematician leading autonomous experiments at CAMERA, collaborating on the modeling of scientific problems dependent on Gaussian Processes. Main Architect of gpCAM [more].

Harinarayan Krishnan

Ph.D. - Senior Software Engineer at LBL

Computing systems engineer dedicated to the Photon Science Development initiative. Expert on scientific analysis on HPC platforms and many-core architectures. He leads the development effort on several HPC related projects which includes research on new analytical methods, optimizing scaling and performance on NERSC machines, working on data model optimized I/O libraries and enabling remote workflow services. [more]

Iryna Zenyuk

Ph.D. - Affiliate Scientist at LBL

Associate Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center; Associate Professor at Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering w/ Joint Appointment at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Renewable energy, fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, X-ray imaging techniques, multi-scale modeling, transport phenomena. [more]

Laura nichols

Ph.D. Candidate - Vanderbilt University

Using Computational Physics to model behaviors of materials using scientific experimental data. Interests include analytics and genetic algorithms. Awarded DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship in 2021 to work with us at Berkeley lab. [more]

Jerome Quenum

Ph.D. Candidate - UC Berkeley

Investigating algorithms in signal processing, computer vision, and machine learning applied to scientific data. Expert in automated logistics. Awarded a National Defense Science and Engineering Gratuate Fellowship (NDSEG) and the LBNL Bridges Fellow. [more]

Robbie Sadre

M.Sc. - Machine Learning Engineer at LBL

Computer scientist passionate for experiments involving scientific data and deep learning. Segmentation and classification workflows using pyTorch and Tensorflow [more].

Silvia miramontes

Ph.D. Candidate - UC San Francisco

Mathematician discovering new models for representation and quantification of biomedical images. Inventor of Gredient, the first computer vision-based app for automated food label reading, interpretation and allergy warning.

Ke Xu

Ph.D. Candidate - UC Berkeley

Exploring X-ray imaging to understand new concrete design for advanced Civil Engineering, including studies of archeological concrete.

Rakshya Sharma

Undergraduate - Ohlone College

First generation college student in her family, she's a resilient, energetic, ambitious and a dedicated Computer Science student, also member of Girls Who Code group.

Hirish Chandrasekaran

Undergraduate - UC Santa Barbara

Physics/CS major at UCSB. Focused on scientific computing with ties to research on ML. Enjoys abstract math and writing proofs.

David Perlmutter

Project Scientist in Machine Learning - LBNL

MS Electrical Engineering from UW working on applied signal processing and machine learning problems in optical/RF communication and remote sensing.

Senior Collaborators

Alex Hexemer

Ph.D. - Senior Scientist at LBL

Program Lead on Computing, Photon Science Development at the Advanced Light Source. Expert on X-ray data acquisition, management and understanding [more].

Dula Parkinson

Ph.D. - Staff Scientist at LBL

Deputy for Operations at the Photon Science, Head of Beamline 8.3.2, Hard X-ray Microtomography, expert in linking the ALS and high performance networking and computing centers for data management and processing at the Advanced Light Source [more].

Peter Zwart

Ph.D. - Staff Scientist at LBL

BioSciences lead in CAMERA from the Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging Structural Biology Division, with expertise in multiple data acquisition schemes, such as Scattering, Crystallography, Synchrotron radiation, Free Electron Laser, Electron Microscopy and their respective analysis [more].


  • Ramya Ramesh - Amazon

  • Debora Nasser - IBM

  • Michael MacNeil, Ph.D. - RefleXion Medical

  • Tina White - Covid Watch

  • Shuai Liu, Ph.D. - Facebook

  • Pratiti Mandal, Ph.D. - Apple

  • Meryl Spencer, Ph.D. - Michigan Tech Research Institute

  • Maryana Alegro, Ph.D. -

  • Alicia Tsai, Ph.D. candidate - EECS UC Berkeley

  • Ijeoma Anarado-Ezika, Ph.D. - University of Nigeria

  • Edith Mugehu, Ph.D. - Zimbabwe Sugar Association Experiment Station

  • Rim Abid, Ph.D. - Ryerson University

  • Angelina Kasina, Ph.D. - University of Liverpool

  • Ureshnie Govender Ph.D. - Enterprise Ireland

  • Daniel Silva, Ph.D. - Federal Institute of Ceara

  • Romuere Silva, Ph.D. - Federal University of Piaui

  • Flavio Araujo, Ph.D. - Federal University of Piaui

  • Joao Vitor Mascarenhas - Stilingue

  • Andrea Bianchi, Ph.D. - Federal University of Ouro Preto

  • Christina De Bianchi - Haynes Public Charter School

This site contains an ever-growing list of collaborators that are essential to the progress of several of our projects. If you believe your name should be included here, please contact.