Red Flag Warning

The National Weather Service issues a Red Flag Warning when there are high temperatures, high winds, low precipitation and an elevated potential for rapid fire spread and increased risk of heat-related illnesses. Visit this National Weather Service site to see the regional extent and the status of any current Red Flag Warning (click the “Red Flag Warning” tab for details).

Please take these actions when you are notified the Lab has received a Red Flag Warning:

No Exterior Hot Work Operations (i.e., activities that generate fire, sparks, open flame, etc.):

    • All Hot Work Operations outside of buildings have been restricted to existing, open Hot Work Permits only. Permitted Hot Work inside of buildings have no additional restrictions today.
    • Barbecues and Sterno are considered Hot Work Operations, as they involve open flame.
    • All outdoor barbecues must be approved by the Fire Marshal Office through the Hot Work Permit Request System. Email

Parking on hillsides:

Please exercise caution when parking or starting a vehicle near, or directly on, a hillside. Ensure mufflers are not in direct contact with brush or debris.


    • Many of the Smoking Areas on the Lab are directly adjacent to dry brush or hillsides. Please ensure that all cigarette butts are fully and completely extinguished on pavement or concrete before placing into the receptacles.
    • Please only smoke on hard surfaces (i.e., concrete areas, paved areas) and where safe to do so, a minimum of 30 feet from a hillside or brush-covered area.

Take appropriate preparedness actions based on the increased temperatures, which include:

    • Limiting outdoor strenuous activity during the hottest time of the day
    • Drinking more water than usual
    • Seeking air-conditioned buildings
    • Wearing light-colored clothing and a hat
    • Never leave children or pets alone in a parked vehicle
    • Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke

If you see any signs of smoke or fire, please call 911. If you have other incident concerns, please contact the Lab's Security Operations Center at (510) 486-6999. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in reducing the risk of fire during this time.

Go to or call 1-800-445-5830 for updates.