The X-Ray Beamline Optics Modeling School 2023 is a hands-on, three-day workshop exploring the process of beamline design, specification, and modeling with modern, available tools, taught by experts in the field.

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Open to the community.
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Download & test several days before the start of the course. 

BASIC Tier: 2 mornings.
ADVANCED Tier: 3 days.

Following introductions to central concepts in X-Ray optics, the lectures will build toward full source and beamline simulations using both ray-tracing and wave optics approaches. 

Students will learn to use available tools through hands-on, in-class exercises and homework assignments. Participants are requested to bring a laptop to class and install the relevant tools in advance. Attention will be given to the modeling apps and to the opportunity for scripting simulations in Python.

The target audience is scientists, engineers, and technicians who wish to learn more about simulations in x-ray optics applied to synchrotron instrumentation using OASYS and related tools. In particular, they will understand the characteristics of a synchrotron beam and obtain quantitative information on emitted flux and power, simulate the optical performance of a beamline, and apply a variety of tools to simulate partially coherent beams.

BASIC Tier: (Open for community registration)

ADVANCED Tier: (At capacity)

The complete course materials, examples, and exercises will be available to all students in both tiers. This material can be found here.

Teachers & Organizers


Luca Rebuffi, APS, ANL

Manuel Sanchez del Rio, ESRF

Xianbo Shi, APS, ANL 

Oleg Chubar, NSLS-II, BNL

Max Rakitin, NSLS-II, BNL

Matthew Seaberg, LCLS-II, SLAC

Boaz Nash, Radiasoft, LLC

Antoine Wojdyla, ALS, LBNL


Kenneth Goldberg, ALS, LBNL

Antoine Wojdyla, ALS, LBNL

Andrea Taylor, ALS, LBNL