Are you a proud Lasallian? Teacher, student or parent, share your school memories with us!

Victor Chan (74)

mr. yuen wui ping 袁滙炳老師-1 - Stephen Wong.pdf

Stephen Wong (61)

袁滙炳老師 翻譯秘訣 - Stephen Wong.pdf

Stephen Wong (61)

Mee Lin Luk - Teacher

I am glad to be the teacher adviser of the winning teams in Hang Lung Math Awards 2008 with Ivan Li, 2010 with Brian Chung (Silver Award), 2014 with Alex Tung and Luke Lau, and 2016 with Harry Yu.

Patrice Coique - Teacher

To this day, I still have very fond memories of the school first exchange programme to France. Visiting De La Salle's house in Reims was something special.

Chan Tong - Teacher

La Salle College provides a lot of invaluable experience to her students, and reminds that we are living in a comfort zone. We should contribute as much as we can to the needy and the community.

Graham C. (20)

''I spent 6 years in LSCSO and I would never forget about the times on stage performing Mahler’s Symphony No.1''

Ricky Chan (74)

1974 old boys gathering

Marco Yung (21)

Been a Lasallian for 12 years and counting on...

Samuel Tsang (20)

Being the bass clarinet player of the symphony orchestra is the most memorable part of my secondary school life.

Brian Cheung (21)

I have had a wonderful school life in La Salle and a lot of unforgettable memories with my friends. I will never forget how everyone in La Salle helped me throughout my secondary school life.

Hilary Lee (13)

My most precious memory in LSC was to play in the Wind Orchestra. We won the Music Festival Competition (Senior Band) in 2012 and we performed in the winners' concert.

Joseph Ho (21)

One of my fond memories at La Salle was producing riveting music with talented Lasallian musicians in orchestras and choirs, which nourished my passion in music and lifelong bonds with La Salle music.

Ma Tin Lok (21)

I will never forget about Mr. Samuel Chan, my chemistry teacher in senior forms, who taught our class with wonderful notes. He was crucial in keeping up my momentum in learning chemistry.

Adrian Fung (85)

I have enjoyed my days (& nights 😅) at LSPS and at LSC.

Edmund Wong (00)

This photo "LSC 2000" was taken in Dec 1999 to celebrate the millennium. Over 650 students and teachers took part. It's my honour to be one of the Chief Organizers of this unprecedented event.

Peter Choy (73)

Peter Choy (73)

Mr. Chan Tat Man, my Form 3 Chinese Literature teacher.

Peter Choy (73)

Long before the Student Identity Card...

Peter Choy (73)

Long before the Student Identity Card...

Brother Chris Soosai

My four-year life as Brother and teacher at LaSalle was wonderful. La Salle is unique in offering holistic education esp. in academic, sports and music. It is inclusive as well. I love La Salle.

Francis Chan (85)

Dear 85ers, it is an honor to call you all brothers.