anniversary messages

Brother Thomas Lavin

A message from the school supervisor

La Salle College opened officially on the Feast of the Epiphany 6th January 1932 and so this year is celebrating its 90th anniversary. We give thanks to God for reaching this milestone and for all the blessings on our school. This is also an opportunity to revisit our heritage and celebrate a legacy that all Lasallians around the world can be proud of.

When the school was founded, neither the television, nor the Internet or smartphones had invaded our lives. Our society has since changed in tremendous ways, but the school’s perennial mission has not. Now more than ever, La Salle College aims to provide a human and Christian education to all youth and be of service to the local community. The bonds of brotherhood, though tested at times, remain stronger than ever.

Let us all celebrate this anniversary with exciting events and activities marking the journey our school has taken over the past nine decades. The overarching theme “Heart aflame with Faith and Zeal” will be reflected in the many displays, exhibitions and events held throughout the year. This website will be a convenient port of call for information and updates. I wish to thank sincerely all contributors.

Happy 90th birthday La Salle! Happy celebrations Lasallians!

Mr Tong Wun Sing

A message from the school principal

In 2022, La Salle College celebrates its 90 anniversary, a significant achievement for any school or organization. It really all began in April 1928, when Brother Aimar acquired by auction a plot of land north of Prince Edward Road as what he envisioned as the future La Salle College. Four years later, the school was inaugurated and stands still to this day, stronger than ever in spite of decades of upheavals.

This special jubilee will be brought to life during the academic year through a series of events such as the school Open Day, the Anniversary Concert and the much anticipated Anniversary Gala Dinner. All these anniversary celebrations shall be a testimony to the dedication and zeal of our students and teachers under the leadership and scrutiny of our Lasallian Brother community in Hong Kong.

This anniversary is also an opportunity for all of us to look ahead and although we celebrate the school's longevity, we should not forget to embrace modernity and the challenges ahead in the decades to come.

Happy anniversary La Salle College!