Encouraging Inquisitive Minds

It's OK to be inquisitive

Here at Langley we believe that it is so important for children to be able to express themselves through learning and playing. This is why we have decided to start incorporating real life objects to encourage that authentic wonder and awe within the classroom environment. These magical moments that are shared between children and adults really are fantastic to witness.

It's Just Junk!

Tat, bits and bobs, bric-a-brac, junk - our Early Years Classrooms could pass off for a car boot sale full of goodies from Nan and Grandad's house, we know! You may even think: 'where on earth are the toys?' And we don't blame you for asking that question, we too were apprehensive before witnessing first hand the fantastic experiences that our pupils are having with the 'junk' in our classrooms. The fantastic thing about rehomed items is that children in our classes are able to steer their own learning in whichever direction they decide. The items in our learning environments haven't got labels and adults aren't telling the children what they must do with it - everything is open for interpretation and imagination!