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The elementary libraries are going to look different this school year!

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What will students learn during this class time?

This special is a combination of many life-long skills our Lakewood students need to be successful.  Throughout the school year, students will engage in carefully crafted lessons designed to meet ODE's Library Standards.  Engagement awaits students across four strands: Media Literacy, Foundations for Lifelong Learning & Literacy, Digital Literacy, Information Literacy.

Students will learn how to use the library for research and pleasure.  Our libraries offer many wonderful nonfiction resources and fiction stories that will encourage students to grow their love for reading.  Helping students to flourish in reading will be embedded in every lesson!

Digital skills are required in the classroom, in jobs, and for fun.  Students will learn about digital citizenship and technology basics.  Digital citizenship encompasses many social skills that students will face while online, including safety and cyberbullying.  Students will engage in technology basics, like Google Apps, typing, and more!

Information literacy is the final component of this special.  Students will integrate their digital and library skills to construct projects that communicate information.  This will encompass projects that use Google Slides, vetting online resources, looking up books with intention on the catalog, and more!

This special will be fundamental in establishing a strong digital, library, and information foundation at the elementary level.  Students will practice and apply skills that will prepare them for meeting the Vision of a Lakewood Graduate competencies.

Vision of a Lakewood Graduate

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Library Standards

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