Plant Operations

The La Grande School District Plant and Operations is proud of our Facilities

and the employee's who take pride in the upkeep of these grounds

Joseph Waite - Bond and Operations Manager

Phone: 541-663-3204


Char Hampton - Operations Specialist

Phone: 541-663-3214


Grounds - 541-663-3217

Tim Jordan

Steve Buhl

Adam Slippy

Maintentance - 541-663-3216

Todd Batten

Will Burns

Warehouse - 541-663-3218

Andy Hibbert


Central Elementary - 541-663-3523

Head Custodian - Gary Krantz Night Custodian - Dorothy Ambert and Briton Hansen

Greenwood Elementary - 541-663-3628

Head Custodian - Steve Soldavini Night Custodian - Travis Moran

Island City Elementary - 541-663-3285

Head Custodian - Deb Sloan Night Custodian - Robert Moore

La Grande Middle School - 541-663-3442

Head Custodian - Mike Hayden Night Custodians - Kaven Musgrove and Dustin Knight

La Grande High School - 541-663-3363

Head Custodian - Russ Scott Day Shift- Steve Leavitt

Night Shift - Lester Kincade, Jessie Scott and Dave Ganung

Willow Elementary - 541-663-3249

Custodian - Rob Moore