The La Grande School District Safety Committee

Student and Employee Accident Reports. Please download the reports you need.

Committee Members

Joseph Waite - Bond and Plant Operations

Char Hampton - Operations Specialist

Dustin Knight - Central Head Custodian

Steve Soldavini - Greenwood Head Custodian

Deb Sloan - Island City Head Custodian

Travis Moran - LMS Custodian

Steve Leavitt - LHS Custodian

School Safety

The committee meets once a month during the school year.

The primary functions of this committee shall be to assist the district safety officer in planning, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive district safety program and to assist site safety committees in the coordination of district safety activities. Reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that committee members are representative of the district's various sites where employees work and students and patrons of the district may gather. This committee is chaired by our district safety officer, Joseph Waite.

The members of the committee may change but shall include at least the following employees:

  • The district safety officer and a representative from each school, the district office and the grounds or maintenance department.