Classroom Schedule & 

Important Dates

Daily routine/schedule:  this is specific to room 16!! The two other 5th grade classes will have their own unique pull-out schedules for science, music, library & art so PLEASE make sure to check with other teachers if you have more than one student in the grade level :)

On TUESDAYS it would be greatly appreciated if you could try to help students remember to bring library books & Instruments for music!!

On THURSDAYS  it would be helpful to remind students to have good close-toed [running] shoes for Club Fit!

On Fridays: an ON TIME ARRIVAL to school is very important...our students are lucky enough to receive Music instruction/classes thanks to LPIE funding, but we only get 30 minutes, 2x a week. Every minute counts towards music progress, just like other subjects!

Check out the 2 documents below-each one should open to a separate document window if you'd like to see more clearly, or print a copy. PLEASE NOTE class lessons may shift occasionally without notification.  If there is a "big" switch, or something that will change & then remain at a new day/time moving forward, I will update the schedule below to reflect changes. 

Daily Schedule Dolphin Room 16_2023-24
5th Gr 2023-24 Important Dates