Preschool Screenings


Child Find is a component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that requires states to have a comprehensive system to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible all children with disabilities for early intervention or special education services. Preschool screenings are conducted throughout the year by trained district staff. The Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning- 4th edition (DIAL-4) is used to assess the child's motor, language, and conceptual skills. Behavior, vision and hearing, self-help, and social skills are also noted during the screening. The DIAL-4 provides scores that indicate how the child's developmental skills compare with those of the national norm-group of typical children the same age from across the United States.

Screening results are used to determine eligibility for the District's Preschool Program as well as being an important element of our District's Child Find responsibilities. Each parent participates in an exit interview following the completion of their child's screening. The exit interview provides the parent not only preliminary results but an opportunity to have questions answered regarding available resources and supports. Parents will be notified within two weeks of the screening stating the screening team's recommendations. Please note that screening does not guarantee placement into Lincoln's Early Childhood Program.

Screenings are available for any preschool aged child who resides within Lincoln School District 156 and its surrounding boundaries. The screenings are free as the cost is covered by the Illinois Preschool for All Grant. If you would like to have your child screened at our next screening date, please fill out the questionnaire below. We will need your name, phone number, your child’s name and date of birth. After that, before our next screening date, we will contact you to set up an appointment.