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how to multiply a fraction less than 1

This is how you multiply a fraction less than 1.Before we start l what we are multiplying is 5/8x4/10.Step 1 multiply the numerators which is 5x4 is 20 so we put a 20 in our answer 20/??.Step 2 is to multiply the denominators which is 8x10 which is 80.So, our answer is 20/80 which also equals 1/4.In conclusion that is how to multiply a fraction less than 1.

how to find the volume of rectangular prisms and cubes

so these are some simple steps and for advice you should know the box model,expanded,or area model.Also, our cuboid is 20 by length, 17 for width,and for height 18.So, step 1 is to multiply length by width which we should use are strategie so use your strategie and you should get 340.So step 2 is multiply the width and height so use your strategie and our question is 340 times 17 so when you finished you should get 5,780 3 (i can not get the three any tinier and higher).Also you need to put a three at the end of your number because that is how many number when we started.In conclusion that is how you can find the volume of a rectangular prisms and cubes.

how to multiply a 3 digit number by a 2 digit number

here is our number just to say: 781x95

so now step 1: multiply the ones at the bottom number by the top number and write the result on the line. Now let's look at our example if we multiply by 5 which is in the ones place of 95 by each one of the digits of the top factor from right to left, and place the result is 3,905 Step 2 multiply the digit in the tens place of the bottom number and write the result on the line below,but place a 0 in the ones place because this part of the multiplication is a number of tens.we will come back with our example.Now we multiply the 9 given that is in the tens noticing 9 is in the tens slot of the bottom number 95 by the top number 781.Our answer is 7,029 will have to be written under 3,905. Step 3: add so what is 3,905+ 7,029 which is 10,934. And that is it.

christmas & new year's stuff

day 1 and we had a early dismissal and i waited two hours and then, my grandparents picked my brother and I went to eat at Red Robin in York.And then 30 minutes later we saw a star and i might put a photo of a star.Day 2: In the morning all i was doing was playing madden 19 with my grandfather and editing and editing.Just saying my grandfather was THE PATRIOTS and I was the BRONCOS and I still won the "series" 3 to 1. Later we made ginger bread cookies and that was a disaster.For dinner we had steak and does that not make you drool.Right after that we were in the car going to The Giant Center in Hershey to watch a Bears game. So i will give you some videos from the game and go watch that. After you watched those videos they got smoked.I mean smoked.They lost 6 to 1 and i can not put in my video put yeah. For New Year's we went to Rocky Springs and they had something special if you had this red pin in the very front and you get a spare or strike and you get coupon or something free. I mean my mom got it twice and got a free dessert, and a free bowling game.How i did it was i bowled got 9 and i just looked at my parants sad and then it just fell and i got a free bowling game. Well i guess this is the end so yeah... go broncos!

how to add and subtract decimals

so here is one here is addition

5.2383 +2.7816 8.0199

First is 3 +6 is 9 so we will put a 9 in the ten thousandth place. so 8+1 is 9 so we put a nine too in the thousandth place.8+3 is 11 since i can't put a 1 above the 2 on the top so, imagine there is one there. so 2+7 is 9 in the put we have that 1 now it is 10 and an imagenary 1 and a 0 in the tenths place.Now we put a decimal point there.Now we add the ones 5+2 is so we put a seven there but there is that extra 1 so it is 8.So our answer is 8.0199 ten thousandths.

5.8925 -3.5314 2.3611

First is 5-4 is 1 so we will put a 1 in the ten thousandths place .2-1 is 1 too so we will put a 1 there put in the thousandths place.now 9-3 is 6 so let's put a 6 in the hundreths. so know 8-5 is 3 so a 3 will go in the tenths place. so we will put a 3 there and then a decimal point.and for last 5-3 is 2 so we will put a 2 in the ones place.So know the answer is 2.351.

how to round numbers to the nearest whole, tenth, hundredth,and thousandth.

i will use a random number just saying (5.8745). So let's round to the whole number so you look at the tenths position 8 since it is higher than 5 you go up and know it is 6.000. so know the tenths so you have to look at the number to the left which is higher than 5 so know it is 5.900.Now to the hundreths since seven is 5 or more it will round up to 5.900. now the thousandths place. since it is not 5 or more you send it to 0 so know it is 5.870.

how to compare decimals up through the thousandths

so they want me to give you an example? so here is how you compare decimals with thousandths. So an example is 2.327 to 2.275. so you look to see the numbers that are different... that is the best i can line up



the two and the 3 are the first difference (in the second row). since the 3 is bigger than the 2...

2.327>2.275. an that is it.

where is the Eagles defense?

¨where were you the afternoon of Sunday October 20th 2018¨ I was at the Eagles and panthers game. a the end of the 3rd quarter and it was 17-0 Eagles it was amazing. Then the fourth came along and they chocked couldn´t score they could not stop the panthers and lost 21-17 © please do not do anything like doing my idea that thank you

The beating in Arizona mystery

¨where were you on the night of October 18th?¨ ¨I was going to an Arizona Cardinals game against the broncos.¨ ¨what do you describe that game before the crime happen?¨ ¨ I was expecting a good game on Thurday night football.With two struggling franchises fighting it out.¨ ¨what would you describe the crime?¨ " Horrifying this game was done by the end of the half.or even the end of the 1st. there was two pick six 3 interseptions, trick plays,and just defense was on fire and offense was amazing.¨ ¨who did it¨ ¨the broncos were the ones who beat up and the cardnals are technically bad.¨ ¨well thatś it¨ thank you for reading this mystery

blog of October 13-October 14

alright this is going to be long one.Ok so in the morning I was EXPECTING a baseball game BUT THAT DIDN´T HAPPEN! (cough cough coaches:( Well got myself and got driving. 8 hours later,ok iḿ at the hotel and then we go straight to the barvista. this is what a barvista is when somebody who is jewish turns 13 and they do a religion thing and then a big party. OH MY GOD WWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. they had all this food, deserts they had a fire to cook your SMORES! And CANDY POWDER! AHHHHHHHHH! Midnight talk Oh god I am STUFFF! Mid morning you don´t wanna know!Next morning get up sore throught from YELLING SO MUCH! and oh golly get up fly got home and iḿ dead goodbye!

free write stuff thursday September 27th 2018

yeah I am going somewhere but it isn't hard you will get this right off the bat. Maybe I am going to a party and something else:). Is there a reason behind the LA thing? :) that's it. Yeah i'm staying at a hotel:).Yeah it is going to be short October 13th-October 14th. Yeah this is a riddle where am i going you may answer me in person


this week we took a test and we had our first bookclub meeting. Well that is it I kinda don't want to write anymore so, yeah.get fly

math stuff 1

It's gonna be a seres. I learned what is a quadlirateral and what is not. I also know a trapiziod is and what is not.

Hershey Park with Jack and madaline

i left on Saturday with Jack to go to Hershey Park. we had to stop three times because Jack forgot something that makes sure your glasses don't fall when we got there we rode the swings then Jack and I got something to eat. then we rode the sports car then I rode the lightning racer (i was on thunder) I don't want to talk about my face :). We went to eat somewhere right next to farenhight . We rode the comet and the super dooper looper and the coal cracker. After we left we got a slushee. That's it.Also, Jack took 24 moist towlets.

Labor Day Vacation

On Friday I went to a hotel in Delaware because on Saturday we where going to see the Phillies. On Saturday we watched #17 n FCS college football Villanova play against temple on TV. Later we went to batting pratice at the Phillies. sadly the Phillies take batting pratice before the stadium opens. But we got to see the Cubs hit and they were hitting bombs! right before the game the phillies were warming up after the anthem in the infield and Carlos Santana pointed at me and threw a baseball up. I do have a lot of baseballs. The Phillies lost 7-1. on Sunday we were going home from Delaware. On Monday we went swimming at my grandparants house. this was my labor day vacation

First two Weeks

Tell me about what you think of fifth grade so far. Tell me:

  • LIKES we get to design the classroom
  • DISLIKES long mornings
  • CHALLENGES long morning
  • Something that surprised you we have a huge classroom!

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what the "thing" is

why do I need to add this? It is all about me.