Transcript Requests

Registrar for grades 6-12:

Melody Castle


541.929.2134 ext. 129

fax: 541.929.8179

Complete the form below to request a transcript

*Parents, guardians, and students have access to Unofficial Transcripts in the Online Grades platform. This can be the most immediate way to access enrollment, credit, and GPA information.

All transcript requests MUST be received at least 7 days before you need them. Less than 7 days and we may not be able to get them to you when you need them. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly.

The "7 days" notice should not include school holidays, since no one is available during those days. Add extra time to accommodate non-school days. Transcripts will not be processed over the summer until August, so be sure to request extra ones in early June if you think you will need them.


A parent or legal guardian must sign a printed form if the transcript is to be sent to another organization/institution, or the student must sign (if age 18 or older). This is used as formal documentation of your request and is permission to release the information. We will not process transcript requests without that signature.


Please complete the google form - you must log in to your KVCS Google Apps account. If you have trouble, use the PDF form at the bottom of the page.


Download a .pdf version of the transcript request form. We must receive a signed form in order to process. You may email a scanned completed form if desired, or mail/fax to us. Make sure to include all the pages. This will be filed in your cumulative file.