Team Sequoia at KMS

Welcome to Team Sequoia!

We are excited to have you on our team. We have a strong sense of community here; we love working together and getting to know all students, regardless of whether we have you in our class. We also do cross-curricular projects as a team throughout the year (meaning that many of our projects stretch across all classes).

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Why are we named "Team Sequoia?"

Sequoia is a genus that includes the coastal redwood tree and several extinct tree species. “Sequoia” is often used to refer to the coastal redwood.

Coastal redwoods are evergreen trees that can live to be 1,800 years old, or possibly even older! They can be 379 feet high and have a trunk nearly 30 feet in diameter. Sequoias are found in the forests of northern California.

Sequoias weather many storms and stay standing strong. They grow tall and wide, and they shelter everything beneath their large span. We strive to be like Sequoias - sheltering and setting an example for everything that grows beneath us.