Kentucky School for the Deaf

Chess Club

WELCOME to the KSD Chess Club!

Our Chess Club Rules:

  1. HAVE FUN! Chess is a game—always remember that. This means you should have fun! Approach chess as a challenge, something you CAN learn and enjoy no matter how old or young you are, no matter how much you already know about the game at this moment. And I promise you, the more you learn about chess, the more you will enjoy the game that has fascinated millions of people for thousands of years.
  2. This Chess Club is quiet. Please, no talking unless absolutely necessary, and then only in a whisper. There will be times during your week when you can play chess with your friends and make lots of noise. However, during Club time there are many of us who will be focusing on learning the basics of the game, and for that we need to concentrate.
  3. After each game, and at the end of the class, set your chessmen on the board in their beginning positions. This will ensure that no chessmen have wandered off in search of other adventures, and will thus be present and ready for the next game. Coach will put them away at the end of the day.
  4. If you have too much homework, or want to stop playing for any reason after the day’s lesson, that’s OK. Just let Coach know and you will be excused from the Club.
  5. Always follow Chess Etiquette when in Chess Club:
  • Be polite in both word and deed.
  • Shake hands before each game and wish your opponent “Good Luck!”
  • At the end of each game, shake hands again with your opponent and say “Good Game!”
  • When watching others playing a game, do NOT offer advice unless BOTH players agree.
  • Read Ben Franklin’s short essay on chess and follow his suggestions—you will make many friends!

Meeting Times and Locations

We meet several times per month in the

Kerr Hall Training Room:

--On every "A" Friday from 11:22-11:55am

--On Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-4:15pm

If the Training Room is being used by others, then we will meet in the Kerr Hall Library.