About the CIO Program

The Krause Center for Innovation’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) program is a new and exciting addition to our professional development menu. Created in partnership with CUE and CETPA, this leadership opportunity is designed to meet the needs of educators seeking to explore educational change and elevate their professional practice. Today’s schools have an urgent mandate to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world and CIOs can help guide the educational and technological planning processes for their districts. CIOs play an integral part in the development and maintenance of 21st century learning environments within school districts and the CIO program will help prepare educators for these roles.

Today’s CIOs must develop a multi-faceted skill set in which best practices in teaching and learning are the foundation. Our program will help educators develop a deep understanding of educational innovation related to curriculum and instruction, technology infrastructure, strategic planning, and leadership. Graduates of our program will come away fully prepared to lead and empower teams to modernize their schools and districts.

Program graduates will be able to:

  • Develop a knowledge base of innovative best practices in education
  • Guide districts strategic planning processes based on instructional and technology needs
  • Enhance their leadership skills in order to effectively lead a variety of teams throughout their districts

In this unique program, participants will engage in learning activities that will allow them to network with others, to develop practical technology skills, and to think deeply about educational innovation. Utilizing the expertise and resources of the program partner organizations (KCI, CETPA and CUE), this innovative program will provide support the development of skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful technology leader in today’s schools.

Additionally, we are happy to include other partners who will assist us in ensuring that we have curriculum that is responsive to the needs facing schools today. These partners will provide advice and curriculum support to CIO candidates through the process of becoming a educational technology leader who can support teaching and learning in a variety of contexts.

Google for Education Partner

Krause Center for Innovation has been a Google for Education Partner for the past two plus years and directly provides services to individuals, schools, and districts. As part of the CIO program, candidates will learn how Google tools can be used in schools and how to better manage Google Apps for Education domains.

Educational Technology Recruiting

Educational Technology Recruiting works with private and independent schools to support their needs in locating educational technology leaders who can assess, facilitate, and transition independent schools into innovative and engaging learning environments.