Rental rates

We typically require minimum one year contract and single occupancy, but exceptions and short term stay can be arranged. Your monthly rental rates are determined by contract length, move in date, type of rooms. Normally, 203 and 204 are least expensive ones while 601 and 602 are most expensive ones. Please send us email stating your estimated move in date, planned length of your stay and types of rooms that you desire.

Basic Furnishings - air conditioner, washer, cooktop, ventilator, refrigerator, closet, desk, chair, bed, power cord, internet cable, microwave, wi-fi generating router.

Extras - TV, bedding, and other items are available upon requests for additional charges.

Rental rates include every utility - Electricity, Gas, Water, Internet, Cable, Common Area Cleaning, Insurance, relevant taxes, and regular maintenance).

This is not serviced apartments, thus anything other than our original furnishings and/or special requests incur charges. We may help you settling in as a favor. It is not an entitlement.

201 Type A

202 Type B

203 Type C

204 Type D

301 Type A

302 Type B

303 Type C

304 Type D

401 Type A

402 Type B

403 Type C

405 Type D (There is no 404)

501 Type A

502 Type B

503 Type C

504 Type D

601 Type A

602 Type B

603 Type C

604 Type D