Rental Detail


1. No Key Money Necessary (Just security deposit of W1,000,000)

2. Fully furnished -- You will save on furniture

3. Everything is included in the rent (You need not pay anything additional )

4. Direct offering by the landlord - You will save at least W300,000 you pay to the real estate agent

5. Rents do not increase once you sign the contract (We will not ask you to pay higher rent after one year)

6. Convenience -- No need to call utilities, Internet, and cable TV companies as well as contract in English and dealing with English speaking landlord

7. Privacy -- this is studio apartment with its own kitchen and bath

Please visit our facebook page and our website for rental details, photos, and videos. There are greater details about the rental. and K Studio 281 Seoul | Facebook

and please e-mail at

If you are interested in any one of our apartment units, please write email with approximate move in and move out date as well as your preferred type of apartments. That way, we can determine the availability and rental rates and respond and communicate to you in an efficient manner.

Typically, most of apartments become available July-August and January-February. Many of tenants here have made contracts through email and sent contract fee through international money transfer in June and July before their arrival in Seoul. There should be vacancy during any time of the year so that please ask at anytime for apartment opening. I have typically asked potential tenants to look at Suyu Studio ( if they require more affordable housing with more amenities like TV or microwave.

If you come from the US, you have the option of negotiating rental rate in US$ and paying rent in landlord's US bank account as well as US based paypal account. This should work better for students whose parents send money from US. Please ask for detail.


Our address in English:

23, Jeongneung-ro 52-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 02801

Alternate address in English:

2-81 Donam Dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 02801


Residential area surrounded by apartment buildings. Off campus area for Korea University and Sung Shin Women's University

Lease Terms

All inclusive price (monthly rent + high speed internet, digital cable TV signal, heating (gas), water, electricity and common area cleaning etc.) and the lease agreement is in English as landlords are an Korean American couple.

Security deposit of W1,000,000 is sufficient for the rental. All of our studio apartments are approximately 200-300q ft. with their own private bath and kitchen. Our rents are all inclusive price. Thus, you do not pay anything additional unless asking for TV. Also, there is no broker fee as it is direct offering by the landlord.

The rental process

If you like an apartment and want to guarantee your space at your desired move in date (typically 3-6 weeks before your move in), you will need to put down something called Contract Deposit (계약금) of W1,000,000 and begin writing a contract with personal information for both renter and landlord. Contract Deposit can be reduced if you come to live in our studio directly from overseas. This contract fee should be credited toward the security deposit. When you move in, the first month rent plus security deposit minus any contract deposit will be due.


Brand New Studio Building (built in 2013)

Clean, Safe Residential Building with Elevator

Electronic Door Lock

Fully furnished (A/C, washer, cooktop, ventilator, fridge, closet, desk, chair, bed, power cord, internet cable, and etc.)

TV, bedding, and other items are extra and may be available upon request

Marble Flooring Entry

CCTV installed

Separate/exclusive line of high speed internet access

English reception: Email (pls. indicate your estimated move in date)

Assistance with airport pick up or arranging moving services (at your cost)

Public Transportation

Subway: 5-7 minute walk to line No. 4 (Blue Line), Gireum Station exit No. 5 or 10 to Sungkyunkwan University 성균관대학교, Sung Shin Women''s University (서울성신여자대학교) at Hyehwa Station (only three subway stations away) and the downtown area (Dongdaemun, Myung Dong, Jongro, and Seoul Station) the Chung Ang University (중앙대학교) on Line Number 4 (Blue Line)

Bus: Five-minute walk to Jongam Police Station Bus Stop or Gireum New Town bus stop:

to Korea University 고려대학교 (bus 101, 130, 141, 144, 148, 163, 410) from Jongam Police Station

to: Kookmin University 국민대학교 (bus 7211 and 1213 from Jongam Police Station bus stop) and 153 and 171 from Giruem New Town bus stop

to: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) 한국외대, and Kyung Hee University 경희대학교 (bus 101, 130, 141, 144, 148, 163, 410) from Jongam Police Station anc change to (bus 120, 147, 273) at Korea University

to: Sungkyunkwan University 성균관대학교, Sung Shin Women''s University (서울성신여자대학교), Hyehwa (Daehakro), Downtown Area (City Hall, Myung Dong, and Jongro) (bus: 102, 103, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109, 140, 142, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 160),