K Studio 281

The Korea Studio 281 is the fully furnished Studio located in Donam Dong near Holiday Inn Seongbuk, Seoul, Korea. It is only 5-7 minute walk from the Gireum Station (Line No.4 Blue Line) and only 5 minutes away by a car from Korea University (also 15 minute walk to the University). The studio is located near the residential area, but convenient for commute as the Bus station and Subway Station are within 5-7 minutes of walking distance. The studio is designed for young foreign professionals and foreign university students at nearby universities Sungkyunkwan University (성균관대학교), Seoul National University Yongon Campus (서울대학교 연건동 캠퍼스), Sung Shin Women''s University (서울성신여자대학교), Korea University (고려대학교), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) 한국외대 or (한국외국어대학교), Kookmin University (국민대학교) and Kyung Hee University (경희대학교) as well as Konkuk Universitiy (건국대학교) and the Chung Ang University (중앙대학교).

This is a private apartment building and we are providing what North Americans typically call a “studio apartment” or “efficiency apartment” with separate private bathroom, but kitchen area is within the living/sleeping area. Bed, Closet, Desk, Chair, Shoe Closet, Refrigerator, Electric Cooktop, Washer, Microwave, Wifi Router, and Air Conditioner are included. TV is optional. NOW, Wifi Router and Microwave is in every apartment.

Our address in English:

23, Jeongneung-ro 52-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 02801

Alternate address in English:

2-81 Donam Dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 02801

Please e-mail us at info@koreastudio281.com while phone number is 010 3761 8770 (outside Korea +82 10 3761 8770)

If you are interested in any one of our apartment units, please write email with approximate move in and move out date as well as your preferred type of apartments. That way, we can determine the availability and rental rates and respond and communicate to you in an efficient manner.

The front view of the building

The rear view of the building