Twana A.Tahir

Short Bio

Twana A.Tahir is a PhD candidate in the field of (Sustainable Development). He finished his master in Technology (Environmental Management) from University of Malaya in Malaysia. He has done some researches in this field and contributed in many university activities related to his area of specialty. His area of interest include Solid Waste Management and Environmental Health and Safety. Beside that, he is familiar with Some of the International accreditation for different educational programs and recently Certified as a Teacher Trainer in the International Teacher Training program at HAMK University of Applied Science in Finland.

Academic Philosophy

  1. Student must be in the center of any learning process.
  2. Teacher should be a facilitator.
  3. Life-long learning should be one of the main outcomes of the education system of any University.
  4. The spirit of "Active Citizen" should be promoted inside every individual students.
  5. Critical Thinking and Professional Ethics should be a part of the University Learning outcomes.