Klingon Language Version of the World English Bible

I heard someone is translating the Bible into Klingon - Is that you? ..... the short answer is NO.......

The slightly longer answer is not exactly...:

I realize, on some level that boils down to a yes, so, okay, I have produced a Bible translation using Klingon.

Read below ( Theory Behind the UTA ) and you'll learn that working with the WEB translation of the Bible (http://www.ebible.org/bible/WEB/webfaq.htm ) got me interested in doing mock translations into various Science Fiction languages.

The UTA project uses a pretty simpleminded translation process - eventually I do intend to use the work I've done on the Universal Translator Assistant tool for doing translations. However, the UTA tool in its current form is more for demonstration than translations. It is useful for for entertainment value, not linguistic purity. The translations it generates resemble a pidgin-Klingon; a Klingon vocabulary mixed with English grammar. It would not be surprising (if there REALLY were Klingons) for such a dialect to exist in an environment where there was lively human-Klingon commerce.

Since the translation table used is rigid (one English word to one Klingon word) there are often laughable confusions. For example "lie" is currently translated as "nep," to tell a falsehood. This works for Psalm 119:69 "The proud have smeared a lie upon me. ..." But it is wrong in Psalm 23:2 -"he makes me lie down in green pastures"). Going by probabilities, this may change soon - looks like "to lie down" is the more likely meaning in the WEB translation.

The Klingon Language Version is NOW available as a module for the Sword Project open Bible platform: Click Here to download. See the Crosswire Bible Society's Sword Project to learn how to use this together with many serious Biblical tools.

For screen shots of the KLV in the Sword Project, click here.

Gospel of Mark: Klingon Language Version KLV, World English Bible WEB, Mando'a Language Version MND

The Universal Translator Assistant tool provided here is based on the same "translation" techniques:

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