Online Resources-Databases

Databases are an excellent source for research because the information is reliable. This means that you can trust the site because it has been reviewed by professionals and comes from recognizable newspapers, magazines, and other reference sources.

Provides access to the AP Images Database and the Poetry & Short Story Reference Center. AP Images is a great place to find images relating to current and historical events. The Poetry & Short Story Reference Center provides information on poets and authors of short stories as well as information on their works.

In addition to Encyclopedia Britannica for high school students, this resource includes Compton's for intermediate students and an encyclopedia for elementary students, as well as two Spanish encyclopedias.

Flocabulary uses educational hip-hop music and videos to help students learn and understand a variety of topics across multiple subjects. Please click the link below to access instructions on how to log-in to Flocabulary from campus or home.

Newspaper, magazine, and encyclopedia articles about business, history, current issues, health, and literature.

This database is your one-stop-shop for test prep materials for the SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and AP tests. You must register for an account to begin use.

This database includes a variety of magazines, newspapers, and journal articles to aid in research.

Please see Klein Forest librarians for database passwords.