Life After High School

Learn the information you need to make plans for an informed decision about your future.

Information About Jobs

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This site presents information about possible job choices, such as training and salary. Jobs that require college degrees as well as those that don't are included.

O*NET Online

O*NET Online has detailed descriptions and information about careers and occupations.

Information About College

College Board

This site offers information about preparation and registration for the SAT's. Additionally, users can find quick facts about the college of their choice and learn more about scholarships and financial aide. It contains information for students, parents, and teachers.


This site offers information in four categories: Get Started, Find a School, Prepare for Tests, and Pay for School. In fact, it offers guidance to students as young as ninth graders, as well as parents.

Information About Vocational/Trade Schools

These sites give users information about various programs offered by different schools that are in Texas as well as other states.

RWM Vocational School Database

Vocational Information Center

Information About the Military

This site offers users information about the steps that must be taken to join any branch of the military. Additionally, the ASVAB test is described and practice tests are offered. This site even includes fitness tips, information about the G.I. Bill, and articles pertaining to events that have an impact on the military. Links to recruiters are also available.

To learn more information about specific branches of the military, please visit:

Army and Army Reserves


Air Force


Air National Guard

Coast Guard

Lifestyle Calculator

Texas Reality Check

Create a budget for your life based on your future goals and life ambitions.