Transcript Requests

This form is for ALL grade level transcript requests

Updated 9/2/20

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* Fees for transcripts are currently waived

* Per KISD policy, transcripts cannot be emailed.

* Per KISD Policy, official transcripts cannot be given directly to a student or parent

* Complete a separate form for each school/scholarship to which you are sending a transcript

* An OFFICIAL transcript with the school seal must be sent directly to a university, college, or scholarship; per KISD policy, an official transcript cannot be given directly to a student or parent.

* Official transcripts will be sent electronically via Texas Records Exchange (TREx) or via USPS mail if the institution does not participate in TREx

* An UNOFFICIAL transcript may be given directly to the student or parent. It is for personal use only.

* A Counselor (NCAA, CommApp, Rodeo, etc.) transcript will be uploaded by the counselor to your scholarship, NCAA account, etc.

* Unofficial transcripts will be mailed

* Summer Transcript Requests: any received AFTER JUNE 15TH will be processed prior to August 1st.

Should you need to contact the registrar’s office, please contact us via email at