Alternative Schooling Options

Klein ISD's Vistas High School is a school of choice that provides a chance for students to graduate who might be struggling in the traditional school setting. The Vistas program provides a small and nurturing environment with the goal to meet the needs of struggling students. Students must apply through their counselor or the graduation adviser and are chosen after they have been interviewed by Vistas personnel.

Klein Success Academy initially began as an online option that aimed to allow dropouts and 5th year seniors the opportunity to complete classes required for graduation. The program has evolved to accommodate first-time seniors who need immediate help. This is an online option aligned with the TEKS. The graduation adviser, along with the counselors make a recommendation for students to enter the program of Klein Success Academy. There are several requirements that need to be met by the students to qualify:

* Current Seniors - must graduate on highest plan and need 5 credits or fewer to graduate (26 Credits)

* All other students need 5 credits or fewer to graduate (22 Credits)

* Live in Klein ISD attendance zone

Klein ISD students may take classes online during the day and outside the school day. The district funds the classes taken during the school day. Click here for information on the Klein ISD website or click here for the TxVSN information pamphlet. Wondering if taking a Virtual class is right for you? Click here to find out more!