"Consistently demonstrated a strong team work ethic, and always cared for each of our clients with compassion which showed through in his work."

-Micah Shanks, President and CEO of Lifeline Computer Solutions

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Logan Lemming

"Charles is dedicated and hard-working. Whenever needed, Charles is quick to lend a hand and offer assistance. He has never balked at having to come in early to flex around someone's schedule, or stay late until the job is done."

-Logan Lemming, Senior Director with El Dorado County Office of Education

"I know Charlie to be a very hard working, diligent, life-long learner, willing to do what it takes to increase his skills in the even changing technology field. Charlie would be a valuable addition to any technical support department. I assure you will only become more valuable as his technical skills increase through additional challenging troubleshooting opportunities."

-Dane Young, Citrix Technology Professional and VMWare VExpert

Dane Young

"Charlie is a very dedicated and knowledgeable in his field. I have worked with Charlie for about 3 years and have yet to come to him with an IT question that he has not resolved quickly. Most notably because of his work ethics and reliability we became fast friends"

-Dale "Gene" Copley, Online Marketing Manager at Reveil Agency

Dave Friestad

"I've seen Charlie interact with young children and adults in both personal and professional circumstances, where he has had to set aside his own agenda and problem solve to meet the needs of others"

-David Friestad

"He communicates with the customer, letting them know the status of his work, eliminating frustration, which goes a long way to making him successful. I have found Charlie to be knowledgeable, but not afraid to ask for help when he needs it"

-Tim Smith, Superintendent of Motherlode Union School District

Tim Smith