I consider myself to be a jack-of-all-trades that specializes in technology. If you put your mind to it, you can learn any skill you want. With that in mind I have had the opportunity to update the technology of schools across multiple campuses and districts, build homes in Mexico, remodel preschools in South Africa, be a field technician in beautiful Southern Oregon, and help churches around the world deploy and maintain new websites.

Here is some of my experience:

Website Migration Specialist

@ Sharefaith, Inc (2015 - 2018)

Supporting Churches and non-profit organizations across the world I received help requests via phone, email tickets, and chat. I would prioritize these requests by the severity of the issue as well as the age of the ticket as I supported the member’s website, phone mobile app, presentation software and/or Sunday School curriculum. As a contractor I revamped and improved the Website Migration Process taking it from an average 20 business day process to just 5-10 business days. I implemented many automation tools that assisted us, as well as kept the project on time and the member in communication. Some of these tools were Wufoo, Trello, Zapier, MailChimp and Freshdesk.

Projects Included:

    • Revamping the Website Migration process. When I started assisting with the Website Migrations is was tracked in several hundred lines of a Google Sheet, it averaged around 20+ business days to complete the migration and give it back to the customer. Through research and continuing to develop the process over time it was vastly improved. Now the process averages 5-10 business days, both customer and member coaches are kept in the loop with automation provided through Zapier for Wufoo, Trello, MailChimp and FreshDesk. This also provided the opportunity to not allow a member to fall out of the process as we were able to easy keep track of what was needed and follow up with them.

Systems Support Technician

@ Lifeline Computer Solutions (2014 - 2015)

As a Managed Service Provider I provided IT support to small businesses in Oregon and California. Maintain a variety of hardware and software among multiple companies. Prioritize and respond to service requests in a timely fashion, make recommendations for new hardware and software, and maintain workstations through active monitoring of Anti-Virus, updates, uptime, backups, and disk space. Maintain a multitude of client Line of Business applications such as QuickBooks, Hosted Email, Microsoft Office, FishBowl, UPS Worldship, Shipgear, PC Miler, POS Systems, eFax Systems and many more.

Projects Included:

    • Moving all shared information documents, manuals, customer setups into a Wiki for company use.

Systems Technician II

@ El Dorado County Office of Education (2010 -2012)

Troubleshoot technical issues in classrooms and campuses throughout school districts in El Dorado County. Maintain and upgrade existing equipment, respond to helpdesk request, assist in the purchase of new equipment. Maintain the security and integrity of teacher workstations, student workstations and server equipment.

Projects Included:

    • Assessing the needs of teachers and staff for a refresh on their equipment. Most of the workstations had not been replaced in 5-6 years. I researched information on the optimum refresh cycles as suggested by Dell and HP and put together a proposal to be taken to the school board. Working within their budget I replaced 100+ machines in a limited amount of time over summer break and working with the teachers on their schedules.
    • Working across multiple districts and campuses I implemented 3 student computer labs of 30+ workstations and re-imaged OS and security software on 3 student labs of 30+ workstations.
    • Deployed 100+ Netbooks for local Charter Homestudy Academy. Researched best practices on implementing security and tracking usage as well as tracking the asset.

Assistant Store Manager

@ 4G Wireless (2008 - 2009)

Sell Verizon Wireless products and plans with a high emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Train new employees, set daily goals for each sales representative, process applications, handle cash, open and close the store, computer and printer networking and troubleshooting, and set up file sharing.

Projects Included:

    • Set up a VLAN across 3 stores for file and print sharing.