Creating Content

Ideas for Remote Learning

One of the biggest challenges we face in remote learning is creating engaging content that meets our students needs and the level of rigor we have in the regular classroom. Use the tabs above to link to tutorials about tech tools you can use to create content that will keep your students excited about learning and on track for the year. You can also find more ideas on our district website's KCafe. Click the button below to access it.

Steps to Integrating Technology

Determine the purpose of your lesson.

What is it your students need to be able to do according to your TEKS? Think of the student behavior: evaluate, collaborate, synthesize, identify, etc. Consider what your TEKS require of your students before choosing what tool you use. Your content, not technology, drives your instruction.

Choose your tools.

What tools or programs are you comfortable with that help you and your students achieve your purpose? What tool can you use to engage your students in meaningful learning?

Evaluate and Give Feedback

Determine how you will evaluate your students' understanding during remote learning, and how you will provide them feedback. Do you want them to write or record a response? Do you need them to produce a product? Can they email you or leave comments to ask you questions? Have these things determined and in place before giving instructions.

Tips & Tricks

Built-In Chromebook Accessibility Features--Great for making 504 and IEP accommodations!

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