King George County Schools English Curriculum Resources

King George County Schools literacy instruction is aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. As stated in the English Introduction:

“The goals of the English Standards of Learning are to teach students to read, write, research, and communicate. Students should be prepared to participate in society as literate citizens, equipped with the ability to think analytically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and collaborate with diverse groups in their communities, workplace, and postsecondary education… Students become competent readers of a variety of texts and are encouraged to acquire a lifelong love of reading.” (VDOE, 2017)

Review the complete 2017 English Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework for your grade range. For instance, if you teach Grade 4, it is important to study the Communication, Reading, and Writing Standards for Grades 3-5.

Comprehensive Literacy

A comprehensive literacy approach provides students with regular opportunities to engage in productive work that advances literacy development in reading, writing, research, and communication. Instruction is delivered in the context of quality literature through direct whole group instruction, small group guided practice, and independent application of strategies in text.

The term comprehensive literacy also describes an intentional focus on developing readers and writers that are strategic in navigating both print mechanics and meaning. Across instructional contexts and grades, teachers are mindful of developing accurate, smooth word reading and text comprehension. Teachers also provide instruction in writing that develops both effective communication of ideas and correct use of writing mechanics.