L.E.M.S Life Enrichment Store


To establish cultural connections and build generational bonds within the greater Seattle area communities

Mission Statement

Uniting people of all ethnic backgrounds, age, gender, and sexual orientation by providing a safe space/cultural hub to spread knowledge, wisdom & understanding through arts, literature, educational classes, mentoring, social events, and community outreach; Focusing efforts on African & African American culture and literature.

The Goal: To Save the last Black-owned safe space in Seattle

L.E.M.S is more than just a bookstore. Its a place for the community to connect. There are many different organizations and that use the space. . The L.E.M.S Bookstore is in need of our help. We are about to lose the last historic black-owed bookstore, One that has been a center point to our community for a while. As gentrification has been sweeping through Seattle we have lost many of the places that have been owned and operated by our community. Some of the community has gathered to help save L.E.M.S bookstore so that we can keep a place that means so much to all of us. This webpage focus it to help showcase the store and the plan to fundraise to save the store and keep it for the community.

This page is still in development, however this page will be the center point of communication. We will be adding to it on a daily basis. Below you will find pictures of the locations and a 3D CAD model developed to help us design the place to the needs of the events and community.

The Plan: To throw events that will help finish the $75,000 crowdfunder.

The goal is help raise the money for the store so that we can keep it. The community already raised $54,000+ dollar through Gofundme. However the goal is $75,000 so there is $25,000 left to go. We are going to help the store finish the crowdfunder.

Check out a few dope events that have taken place at L.E.M.S over the years below!

Locations Details

Name: L.E.M.S Bookstore

Address: 5023 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118, USA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/54852759/lems-life-enrichment-bookstore

3D Model of the location

Google Maps

Locations Photos

Store Sign

Parking Lot

Panoramas (middle of the room face left)

Panoramas (from left front corner)

Panoramas (back left corner)

Panoramas (back right corner)