Intermediate 3-6

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English Language Arts


Read engaging articles available at 3 reading levels for every grade.

Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies

Online Math & ELA games

Authors read their books to children

Grammar Practice

Reading passages in all literary and nonfiction genres

Art and literacy curriculum

Learn a 2nd language

Digital library

Math and reading activities

Writing Platform

Math & ELA resources in Free version

Reading and early literacy

Articles at various lexile levels

Activities for ELA

Reading, Literacy-free books to read online

Grammar & writing site

FREE content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning

Dr. Seuss characters and reading

Video Writing Prompts by John Spencer



3 act math

Online Math & ELA games

Math and computer science skills with cad design

Interactive Math Games

Math Assistance with Geometry

Instant feedback on math solutions

Feedback on math solutions

Math and reading activities

Math & ELA resources in Free version

Online math tools - graphing, geometry, etc

Interactive Math textbook

Math Games for Students

Adaptive Online math practice and assessment

Resources for all levels of Science, Math, and Technology

Challenging open ended math problems

Interactive simulations for Science and Math.

Math Game

Math practice

Free games for students to practice times tables

Mathematical reasoning

Justify your reasoning with mathematics

Math support

Immersive digital math learning



Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies

Planetarium presentations on space

Coding games

Natural History exhibits related to central California

Animals native to central California

Home Learning Platform

Demystifying everyday science

Free coding activities while we school at home


Printable coloring pages

Coding, webdesign, computer skills

Coding courses and computer science with Google

STEAM type challenges for students or families

Science learning and activities

Learning to code for gaming

Online Science Simulations

Coding activities K-12

3 Weeks of lessons for Earth, Life, and Physcial Science

Multimedia activities & labs

Coding activities K-12

360 view, learn about the planet and about space exploration

Virtual Tour of the aquarium and animal exhibits

Mysteries, Labs and Engineering Challenges

Open and go Science lessons

Many science activities for elementary students

Games and activities for National Geographic- much about animals

Resources for all levels of Science, Math, and Technology

Articles at various lexile levels

Articles related to science, written for students

Computer coding & programming

Science education for public understanding


Building in 3D, plus circuit building, could be used for 3d printing

Different games for building and experimenting

Interactive tour with information videos and articles

Social Studies


Videos of public broadcasting through the years

Historical Atlas of the United States History

Free online history curriculum

History told from a variety of perspectives. Articles and video

Argument writing & critical thinking

Games to learn about history

Interactive tour of George Washington's home

digital media, curiosity and inquiry

Articles at various lexile levels

Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies

Social Studies Videos

Louvre Virtual Tours

Articles related to current topics in the media

Time Magazine for Kids

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