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Accessibility resources

Add audio to narrate presentations

Google Apps for education- sessions on distant learning

Videos in ASL for students

Hands On Science Lessons

Alexa skills to help with learning subjects

Typing program K-8

Assists with reading online

Printable activities

Create books online

BrainPOP support for Educators

Digital Games for Students

Encyclopedia Britannica, ProQuest and

Classroom management, gamification, and quests

Classroom management & communication

Current event news geared towards students

Digital citizenship curriculum

Reviews of apps, websites, books, and more

Connecting kids to Stem

Curriculum Resources K-12

Curriculum Material Online

A variety of tools to boost your students’ math and science skills

Teaching and learning toolkit

Classroom Video Tool

Reading, Math and Learning Games

Dance and fitness

Explores all over the world in 3D and street view

Type in address to find street view- (search museums)

Video Conferencing

Curriculum webinars

Khan Academy & Disney course

Engaging student activities in learning

Interactive games for students

PDF & Document annotation

Typing program K-8

Student Learning

Live cams of jellyfish, kittens, puppies, penguins and more

Professional development courses, classroom resources and tools

Largest library in the world

Educators working with PreK-12 students in classrooms.

Listenwise is a listening skills platform

Content Delivery System

Typing activities for K-8

Free Audiobooks

Online quizzing site

Academy of Active Learning of Arts and Sciences

Demonstrate and share learning

Graphics to support learners

Virtual tour of current and past exhibits

Direct from Google, how to teach remotely using Google products

New York Times articles with lessons

Learn to type

Creative brain breaks for students

Post/Organize videos, sites, text and more on one 'page'

Variety of worksheets Google Classroom integration or printed

Video Conferencing

Virtual Field Trips


360 Tour of Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam

Tour of Buckingham Palace

Virtual tours of farms in Canada

Explores all over the world in 3D and street view

Type in address to find street view- (search museums)

Panoramic tour

Live cams of jellyfish, kittens, puppies, penguins and more

Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Live Cams

360 view and informational articles

Virtual tour of aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

Virtual tour of museum

San Diego Zoo Virtual Trips

360 degree tours of locations in overseas countries

Virtual tour of current and past exhibits

Virtual tour with videos and photographs

Tour Yellowstone National Park