Speech Therapy Activities and Tips


I hope that this site provides some helpful resources to support you during this time of adjustment. Within each section, you can find videos, songs, and activities that you may find useful. There are a few recommendations that I would like to emphasize:

Read or tell stories. Narratives are stories that have elements like characters, setting, problems, and solutions. We use these to relate events in our lives.

Play. Playtime is a fun an engaging way to use language skills. Some suggestions:

~ Play a board game (great for working on being a good winner and loser)

~ Play Simon Says (great for following directions)

~ Play I Spy (great for vocabulary)

~ Listen for and encourage great speech sounds during play!

Model. Provide models of words, phrases, or sentences. By providing frequent exposure of this new information you may find that your child is more willing to try saying new things and will experiment more freely in their natural environment when trying to communicate.

Remember that Speech and Language skills can be used in any activity.

I recognize that these recommendations and resources may not be applicable to or practical for all families. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Amy Cullen

Speech Language Pathologist