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OPTIONS evening Thursday 18 August 2022 in the school Hall, 4 - 6.30pm

18th August


Options Evening

23rd August

Enrolment Interviews

24th August

Enrolment Interviews

26th August

NCEA Accord Day

2nd Sept

Y9 Online Enrolments close

12th Sept

Senior Derived Grade Exams

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KHS Senior Course Handbook 2023.pdf

Learning pathway for year 9 new enrolments. More info

Year 9 Pathway 2.pdf

The SVA Service Award is a free platform where volunteers can record and reflect on their volunteering hours. Volunteers work towards physical badges - Member, Bronze, Silver, and Gold - to acknowledge the work they do in their community, whether it be for their school, whānau or neighbourhood. They help volunteers get the acknowledgement they deserve for the work they do.

You can download the Service Award App right now!

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