Leadership for Social Transformation

Four 2-hour Sessions: September 12, 15, 19, 22 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (CT).

Sevenfold leadership training is for anyone wants to deepen their social analysis and strategic action to make social transformation real and sustainable in the world around us. The class is organized around four foundation questions:

  • What is going on? Gathering information that helps us discern patterns and dynamics in complex contexts.

  • Why is this happening? Utilizing multi-frame social analysis to deepen understanding of complex, adaptive systems.

  • What ought to be happening? Drawing upon our deepest values and theological convictions to guide our understanding and prophetic imagination.

  • What are we going to do about it? Aligning social transformation strategies for maximum effect.

This is a practical workshop designed to deepen the knowledge and practice of social transformation, providing a variety of conceptual and practical tools. More importantly, we will apply these tools in order to more effectively repair a broken world.

Training participates will:

  • Understand and differentiate the core dimensions of social transformation.

  • Apply multi-frame analysis to deepen understanding of complex organizational and social dynamics and identify strategic points of leverage.

  • Understand core strategies for social transformation including intended outcomes, strengths and weaknesses, and required competencies.

  • Work in small groups to apply Sevenfold to a real world social issue.

“My organization is small and focused. Can I benefit from Sevenfold?”

Many assume that “social transformation” has to have a global impact, but the complex, multi-dimensional dynamics of unjust systems exists at every level of our world including local communities, neighborhoods and regions. Social Transformation can happen at any level of society, when we ignite souls, empower persons, change systems, organize commitment, enliven movements, transform worldviews, in service to life’s deepest promises.

Session Information:

Zoom Sessions: 6:30-8:30 pm

  • Monday, September 12: Introduction and Overview of Sevenfold

  • Thursday, September 15: Experience and Social Analysis

  • Monday, September 19: Promise Served and Strategic Action

  • Thursday, September 22: Small Group Presentations and Shared Learning

Cost: A major donor gift is allowing us to offer this course for the reduced price of $100 (USD) $350 (USD) - 8 hours of training, application and small group coaching. Scholarships available.