Community of Practice

9 sessions via Zoom (2 1/2 hours each session) between October and June.

The community of practice builds on Sevenfold training and is for change leaders wanting to deepen their practice of justice making. Leadership for Social Transformation or equivalent Sevenfold training is a prerequisite for participation in the Community of Practice.

Each session will include focused conversation around a specific dimension of social transformation (Promise Served, Proclamation, Envision, Organize, Advocate, Educate, Encounter) and its application within each participants context. We will also give individual attention to the specific leadership challenges each participant is facing using action-learning. Action learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as an individual, team and organization while doing so.

Session Information:

Sevenfold Community of Practice groups will meet once a month for 9 sessions via Zoom (2 1/2 hours each session) between October and June.

Cost – A major donor gift is allowing us to offer this course for the reduced price of $250 (USD) - $750 (USD) Includes 22.5 hours of group coaching and 1 hour of individual coaching. Each community of practice is limited to 9 participants. Scholarships available.

If you are interested in joining a Sevenfold Community of Practice group, please complete the following application. All applications will be reviewed to determine your placement within a Sevenfold Community of Practice group that best suits your needs and goals.