Cancer Metastasis and Epigenetics Lab

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2021. 03. Congratulations! A-Yeong's paper was selected as Editor's pick in the FASEB J

2021. 01. Good bye and Good luck! Mi So joined GPCR Therapeutics

2020. 09. Good bye and Good luck! A-Yeong joined the Helixmith

2020. 11. Congratulations! A-Yeong passed dissertation defense

2019. 09. Congratulations! Beom-Jin's paper was published in Cancer Research

2019. 02. Congratulations! Mi So received Medytox fellowship

2018.12. Good bye and Good luck! Ho-Yeon joined SK Biopharm

2018. 09. Congratulations! Ho-Yeon's paper was published in Molecular Cancer Researc

2018. 03. Congratulations! Ho-Yeon received Medytox fellowship

2018. 03 Good bye and Good luck! Eun-Bee joined as a post-doc at Brigham and Women's hospital

2017. 09. Congratulations! A-Yeong received a fellowship from Korean Foundation for Cancer Research

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