Ms. Paden's 5th/6th Grade


  • Sock Hop Basket items due by Wednesday, suggestions for items on main page of classroom website. Thank you for supporting this effort.
  • I will be out of town all of Thanksgiving week.
  • Progress reports will go home in boomerang today.
  • Homework for week is on website main page and in the document attached to this email.


Winter, with a focus on Beverages: cocoa, cider, coffee, tea, gift cards, mugs, cozy blanket, mittens, and on and on. My thinking is you can find something to send in easily, inexpensively, and if we get a ton of donations from all of you, we can break the swag into smaller baskets, which I've heard raises more money. Thank you for your support.

Please send in your donations by next Tuesday November 13. The Sock Hop will happen on Friday November 16

Journal Prompts: Week of 11/12-11/16 - Only one entry this week.

Journal Entry 11/14

Think about your childhood. Share an early, early memory your have. Be sure to include how old you were when the event occurred. OR write about anything you’d like.

Past journal entry prompts are archived on the Journal Entry page.

Homework Calendar

Homework listed on date due.