Ms. Paden's 5th/6th Grade


February 15 Announcement

  • VALENTINE'S CELEBRATION: Party: Today, 1:50-2:25 - so bring your Valentines to school. I am providing healthy Shirley Temples because they are pink. If anyone out there is ready with district-approved treats, by all means bring them in. I’m happy just to be back at back school. To have Shirley Temples is a bonus: we will enjoy the Valentine’s Celebration with or without food.
  • Mid-Year Conference Schedule Link - Well, we missed our Saturday conferences. If you can fit yourself in to the times that are on the schedule. If you can't find a time, let me know, we'll work something out. I ask that all conferences be scheduled before or during conference week, not after conference week. Thank you.

February 28 - 6th grade field trip to Kellogg – districted provided transportation, no chaperones needed.

Ÿ - Kellogg Kelarnival: 6-8pm for 6-8 students. Kellogg staff really likes for the 6th graders to attend.

March 6 - Kellogg Information Night for 6th grade students and parents, 6:00-8:00 pm

March 12 - Kellogg registration due at Brookside

March 13 - Kellogg counselors pick up registration forms

Op Art Video

Homework Calendar

Homework listed on date due.