Ms. Paden's 5th Grade


Ms. Paden Rm. 303 Week of 6/8-6/12

Race & Equity At the class meeting on Monday we will focus on a discussion about the unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd and our 400 year history of systemic racism that has created a culture of deep inequality. This will be a difficult conversation, but also one that is essential. My belief that for a better a future for all all Americans is rooted in my belief in the goodness and strength of my students.

Reading Assignments this Week I have assigned four vocabulary and phonics game activities for this week that can only be accessed through the Wonders interface. Here's the deal: I'm experimenting to see if students can easily access more of the Wonders offerings because I'm looking for more variety in what students can do at home. Basically, I'm experimenting with all of you so I'll know if I should use them next school year. Please let me know if you have problems, with the caveat that I'll just forward the feedback onto the Shoreline expert, I think it's unlikely that I'll be able to fix anything for you. The Wonders activities are optional because I am unable to make sure that all students will have the opportunity to complete them.

Online Learning Survey I have created two surveys about this Online Learning experience: one for adults and one for students. I think a lot about designing lessons that will work for families and be engaging for students, but it's hard to know if I'm hitting the mark or making all your lives miserable. So, I'm sending you a survey about what works and doesn't work so I can get better at this.

You Are What I Am Thankful For This has been a difficult year in many ways. And yet, I have experienced so much support and care from my students and their adults that I am feeling deeply sad that this year is coming to an end. I feel connected to your families. I think about what you will like when I'm planning these weird online lessons, and I feel safe to try new things and to make mistakes because I feel you have my back. I marvel at your tolerance and your care for not only your children but for all the children in this class. You have enriched my life this year, and for that I am so grateful. Small secret: I have taken to walking in the Brookside neighborhood from time to time in hope that I will see you all out and about. I will continue to do so over the summer. I miss your faces.

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