Ms. Paden's 5th Grade


Camp Orkila Information for Next Week

Camp Orkila Drop-Off Tips

· Students arrive at 7:40, Monday, Sept. 23. (No bus transportation, deliver students to school.

· Bring luggage, a good-sized lunch and a snack. The first meal at camp is dinner.

· Drop off in the front of school, send your student with lunch and snack to the 5th grade classrooms.

· If you are staying to wave goodbye, park in the back of school. We need the front parking lot for camp buses.

Camp Orkila Pick-Up Tips

· We will return at 3:00ish on Wednesday, Sept. 25

· Please be here to pick up your student.

· There will be no bus service as Wednesday is an early release day.

Email Addresses

I think I have all of your emails. If I have you twice, or if I don't have you at all, let me know.

If You Need to Contact Me

P.E. Points

Homework Calendar

Homework listed on date due.