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2020-2021 School Year

Sanborn Central Students Learn the Ways of the Legislature

By Cassidy Slykhuis and Dana Schelske

Marli Wiese, the 8th District Representative, visited Sanborn Central School on Thursday, October 8th, 2020. During her visit, Wiese discussed what it means to be a legislative page, how bills get passed, and the trials and tribulations of her job.

Along with the 70 representatives in South Dakota, each year Wiese attends the legislative session from January to March in Pierre. Wiese is the vice-chair of the Health and Human Services Committee and is a member of the Education Committee.

During the visit to the school, Wiese stressed an important part of being a representative is to listen to those around her so that she can be sure the decisions she is making help those involved as much as possible. Wiese is currency running for her third two-year term as representative. When not at meetings or public speaking events, Wiese is at home in Madison spending time with her family, especially her grandkids.

Homecoming Traditions Still Strong Amid Changing Environment

Homecoming is a time of support. A coming together to remember past years and to celebrate the current school year. Some changes have had to happen due to restrictions put in place to ensure the safety of the students, staff, and community; however, the traditions stood strong at Sanborn Central this year.

At 7PM on September 21st, the Sanborn Central High School had their Homecoming Coronation. The candidates were: Harley Kneen, Teagen Swearingen, Alexis Kelly, Lucy Nicholson, Cassidy Slykhuis, and Lily Overson. The representatives for the night were Tryce Slykhuis and Ellie Evans.

Before the crowning, the candidates watched their interviews and played games with their parents. The night ended with Harley Kneen being crowned the King, and Cassidy Slykhuis being crowned the Queen. Thank you for the helpers for the night which included: Brighten Hitchcock, Isabella Bitterman, Wyatt Ettswold, and Cailie Roth.

Sanborn Central students continued with the tradition of dressing up during Homecoming Week. On Monday, September 21, students showed off their favorite memes. The winners for Monday were: Marci Farmer and Laura Conrad for staff and Kenlie Fridley, Tryce Slykhuis, Cole Wilson, Brody Uecker, Harper Moore, Channing Sevareid, and Adalyn Tucker for students.

On Twin Tuesday, There were lots of good costumes and cool ideas, but only a few people could win. Our winners were combos: Kenlie Fridley and Mason Moody, Laura and Olivia Conrad, Megan Wilson and Vickie Fox, Tryce and Cort Slykhuis, Evan Easton and Caleb Kneen, Ryder and Hannah Pollard, and Harper Moore and Channing Sevareid.

Wednesday was Western Day at Sanborn Central. Kids and staff wore for: cowboy/cowgirl hat, chaps, boots, jeans, belt, buckle, flannel shirt, spurs, and a rope. It was cool to see how everyone dresses up because some are different than others. The winners for Western Day were Mason Moody, Zach Nelson, Aubrey Moody, Landree Zoss, Mason Morgan, Whitney Adams, and Mary Unterbrunner.

Thursday of Homecoming Week was bringing the heat with Tropical Thursday and all of the Hawaiian outfits. The winners of the dress up day were Aubrey Moody, Peyton Uecker, Mason Morgan, Beau Enfield, Mrs. Moore, Mr, Flatten, Michael Hoffman, and Maggie Meier. They went all out to show their homecoming spirit with all of their tropical gear.

White Wash 2020 was one to remember. While many people were throwing paint, others were running away. Lots of people wrote their names on the road and many threw paint at other people. Once people were done throwing paint, the seniors yelled, “Freshies line up!” The freshman got buckets dumped on their heads, excluding one who ran away. The freshmen were laughing along with the rest of the high school students.

Friday of homecoming was a little different than all of the others. The high schoolers showed off their school spirit by dressing up in their Blackhawks gear along with the football boys wearing their jerseys. The elementary students participated in a different dress up day to go along with their float in the Homecoming parade that took place in Woonsocket Friday afternoon.

On the day of the Homecoming game, both schools come together to celebrate the Blackhawks. Each grade from elementary to high school of the Woonsocket and Sanborn Central Schools make floats supporting the team. Each year there are around four winners throughout the grades who are then awarded a prize and acknowledgement.

We had a very eventful homecoming week and everyone enjoyed it and almost everyone dressed up. There were lots of cute little kids that dressed up all week. The spirit and participation throughout Homecoming week never died at Sanborn Central. Overall it was a fun and relaxing week for the students.

School Year Looks a Bit Different for SC Students

School looks a bit different this year at Sanborn Central. Schools all over the country are working to not only keep their students and staff healthy and safe, but also working to keep them in the physical classroom.

Empty hallways and all staff and students with masks remain in their rooms until they are dismissed for the safety of others

From the hallways to the classroom themselves, precautions have been made. Restrictions such as reducing the amount of times students are in the halls to the number of students taking bathroom breaks at the same time have been put in place. In addition, Sanborn Central has included the requirement of masks on school buses and anytime students are in the halls to the list.

The Sanborn Central School's hallways have been empty due to new rules and regulations

New dividers help keep kids safe

Students spend the days looking at each other through new Plexiglas dividers which allows them the ability to still sit by people, but be safer than regular tables. Lunch tables which used to hold students on both sides are now reduced to four, and students are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizers before going to lunch and upon entering classrooms.

Cleaning supplies take over the school as the new year starts.

While book bags are now allowed in classrooms and required to move with students from one period to the next without multiple locker stops, students have become much more responsible to ensure they have all the materials they need.

This school year is truly looking different, but thankfully everyone is able to be back together.

Make sure to use hand sanitizer kids!!

COVID Already Ruins The School Year

Schools in panic, shut down water fountains for students safety