Through collaboration and a solutions-oriented approach, Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellows engage key communities to advance Hawaii's public education system. Fellows contribute practical expertise and are stretched with meaningful, individualized professional learning and leadership growth opportunities.  As teacher leaders, Fellows offer invaluable insight into complex education issues and are empowered to guide decisions, advocating to support the success of teachers and students. 

What We Do

Engage Networks & Share our Stories

Convene to Learn and Grow Together

Lead Efforts to Elevate the Profession

Partner with the Community to Broaden Perspective & Impact

Gather Information, Facilitate Conversations, & Communicate with Diverse Stakeholders

Contribute Strengths & Talents to Further Professional Learning for Colleagues

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"Being a Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellow was an incredibly empowering experience. The fellowship allowed me to reimagine the teaching profession, build relationships with inspiring educators across the islands, and develop my own identity as a teacher leader." -Esther (Park) Kwon ('16-18)

"I am totally loving our work.  I know we will all be lifetime friends because of the work we are doing together." - Kelli Kaanaana '22-'24