Just Be Counseling, LLC

A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness™


Welcome to Just Be Counseling, LLC! At Just Be Counseling, our mission is a holistic approach to mental wellness. We believe that emotional healing and interpersonal growth can happen throughout the lifespan. Through our compassionate approach we meet you where you are at and walk with you on your journey to inner peace and mental wellness.

We understand that a variety of reasons can motivate someone to pursue talk therapy. We provide a peaceful and safe space where we work with you to develop a strong therapeutic relationship, help you identify your therapeutic goals and empower you to achieve these goals. True to our holistic mission, we also have Epic our certified therapy dog on staff.

We believe interpersonal growth and the potential benefits of therapy can be experienced throughout the lifespan and work with people of all ages and backgrounds. We specialize in anxiety, depression, adjustment related issues such as life transitions, trauma, behavioral issues, minor substance use and issues related to self esteem and self worth.

We also understand that the first step in any journey, especially one as personal as your mental well being, can often be the most challenging. Therefore we offer a free phone consultation to address any questions you may have about therapeutic services and our approach to treatment. Additionally for your convenience we also offer a concierge service where you can engage in therapy in the comfort of your own home.