Independent Ideas

Prospect Tower Observation is an independent publishing and production company run by Juliet + Company. The flagship publication by Prospect Tower is the three times yearly, very independent, not quite a food magazine, of Juliet.

of Juliet operates a "pay what you can" revenue model, counting on fans and supporters to voluntarily subscribe to the freely available online publication, or to choose options for print subscription or promotion based support. 80% of revenue over expenses is returned to the contributors of the magazine, most of whom are part of the Juliet + Company restaurant staff, or members of the communities in which they are located.

In addition to the regular magazine, Prospect Tower Observation is always on the lookout for new opportunities in storytelling, especially storytelling that intersects with their core business of hospitality and restaurants, or affords new opportunities to the individuals working in those fields, within or outside of their own company.

Post Oak Designs is an independently run effort by Juliet + Company founder, Katrina Jazayeri, to streamline the personal and professional design process, and develop new opportunities, and better collaborations. The flashship product of Post Oak Designs is Post Oak Aprons: tailored to suit the needs of craftspeople of all kinds. From cooks to carpenters, these custom aprons are designed with consideration of the craft. The style, fabric selection, and pocket arrangement are selected to make attractive, but highly functional aprons.

Katrina designed and stitched the first Post Oak Aprons, in three styles, in 2014, using colleagues in the restaurant industry as well as other craftspeople as case studies she developed a line of aprons that could be highly customized for both style, and function. Post Oak Aprons were featured that year in the Somerville Open Studios Fashion Show and were quickly adopted by high profile Somerville restaurants River Bar and Bronwyn, among others.

The aprons quickly became sought after by both local and national restaurants and Katrina’s designs have been featured on:

As well as this interview, giving a good inside look at the design process behind the aprons.