Creative Control Consulting was established in 2018 to provide access to small restaurant companies, as well as other creative companies and individuals, that desire guidance in crafting systems and processes to reach sustainable financial realities or operational excellence, grow their business or staff, or release new projects.

This consulting is available on an a la carte basis, and tailored to the realities and resources of each client. The focus is on quick solutions that work, and achieving useful results instead of the expense and delay of seeking perfection from day one. Strategies of iteration and improvement are taught at each step, ensuring clients come away with tools they can use and improve on their own, over time, while remaining centered on the core of their work, trusting the foundations of their programs to support them.

The Creative Control Consulting team specializes in various aspects of the business and creative process, and is well suited to work with outside the box, self-reflective companies and individuals. For more information, please get in touch.