In each port we visit, we're planning some special events to commemorate the centenary since WW1. We'll publish the latest details on this page, so stay tuned!

Edinburgh - 3rd August 2018

The first stop of our epic Round Britain Challenge will be in Edinburgh, with the Lord Nelson berthing at Leith Port - the home of HMY Britannia - on 2nd August.

On the 3rd August, there will be a special parade at Edinburgh Castle and present the first quarter of a shield that will make a permanent memorial at the Tower of London. Anyone at the Castle is welcomed to watch the events, starting with the traditional One O’clock Gun.

If you’re nearby Edinburgh this weekend, don’t miss out on being part of this special occasion for the JST.

Cardiff - 23rd August 2018

The ship reaches Cardiff on 23rd August and the events will kick off with an Open Ship between 10:30 and 12:30 at Britannia Quay. You are invited to explore the ship, meet some of the crew and volunteers to find out more about the Challenge.

At approximately 13:30, the current crew will take part in a special parade at Roald Dahl Plass, to mark the end of the third leg and the beginning of the final leg to London.

Lord Dannatt will be presenting the crew with one of four parts to a shield, which when complete at the end of the challenge will form a permanent WW1 memorial at the Tower of London.

It’s set to be a special event and you’re welcome to be part of it!

London - 1st September 2018

LDRBC reaches its climax as our tall ship and extraordinary diverse crew enter London to complete an epic 40 day voyage.

The finish line will be Tower Bridge - it doesn’t get more iconic than that! The ship is due to pass through the bridge at 17.30 on 1st September, so please join us along the river banks to welcome Nellie and her diverse crew.

Later that afternoon, the ship will pass back through the bridge and dock alongside HMS President. From here our crew will take part in a parade to the Tower of London.

In each capital city, the crew will have received a quarter of a shield. Together, this will make a permanent WW1 memorial, to be laid at the Tower of London in a special ceremony. It’s sure to be a spectacular event for a truly worthwhile cause.

Spot the Lord Nelson on route to Tower Bridge in London

On 1st September, please join us on the banks of the River Thames to welcome our tall ship as our crew make their approach to the finish line!

1) 14:15 - Tilbury / Gravesend

2) 16:30 - Thames Barier

3) 16:35 - O2 Arena

4) 16:50- GreenwichReach

5) 17:15 - Limehouse Reach

6) 17:30 - Tower Bridge