In summer 2018, 48 injured soldiers and 80 cadets will embark on a voyage of remembrance, adventure and personal development.

In four crews, they will work together to sail our iconic tall ship around Great Britain, changing over crew as we visit each capital city. In these ports, there will be a celebration of remembrance, inclusion and diversity.

During the individual 10-day voyages, 12 injured service men alongside 20 cadets and instructors aged 16-25 will work as a team to sail the ship to the next capital city. These crews will helm the ship, set the sails, climb the masts and much more.

In each capital city 1000’s of cadets, instructors and local supporters will have the opportunity to visit the ship and participate in the festival.

A quarter of a wooden shield will be presented to the crew in each capital city, at the end of the challenge the final piece of the shield will be presented in London where the cadets will march it to the Tower of London, where it will become a WW1 Memorial.

This challenge will test the crew’s leadership, teamwork, courage, and resilience. Everyone will gain a real sense of achievement and form long-lasting friendships. Whilst on board, the crew will also participate in a CVQO award. This is a strong addition to any CV and a great way to stand out during interviews. The voyage also qualifies individuals for their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential.

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