Miss Stout's First Grade Friends


First Grade is amazing! We grow and learn so quickly! This website will be your go to for information and happenings in our class. Please check it often. I will update it every Friday before I leave school.

What's Happening This Week

Week of October 15 - 19, 2018

We received our class t-shirts and they are SUPER cute! Let's show our school spirit by wearing our class t-shirts on Spirit Fridays and field trips. This week is Fall Break, there will be no school on Thursday and Friday. Enjoy your time off.

Our Schedule this Week

                    • Monday -
                    • Tuesday -
                    • Wednesday -Early Out
                    • Thursday - No School - Fall Break
                    • Friday - No School - Fall Break

Week of October 8 - 12, 2018

Thank you to everyone who ordered books from our book order. I love getting new books and I hope your family does as well. October is a fun time of year. We were just offered a possible opportunity to take an additional walking field trip to the pumpkin patch close to our school. We are trying to schedule a time to go. I will send more information as soon as we get it. Our walking field trip to Texas Roadhouse is scheduled for October 30th. We will leave the school at 10:30 and return around 2:00ish. We will be learning about businesses in our community. We will be having lunch at Texas Roadhouse (pull pork sandwiches, fries, and a drink). If your child has food allergies, he or she may bring a allergy friendly lunch from home. Although Texas Roadhouse will clear the eating area of peanuts for our trip, they are not a peanut free facility. If this is a problem for your child, please contact me and we will make arrangements for your child to participate with a first grade class that is not going on the field trip. It will be a fun month!

Our Schedule this Week

                    • Monday - Computers - How I Became a Pirate Assembly
                    • Tuesday - Music
                    • Wednesday - Library - Ririe Woodbury Performance Assembly
                    • Thursday - Art/Traits -
                    • Friday - P.E. - Spelling and Sight Word Tests

Week of October 1 - 5, 2018

Wow! Can you believe we are starting October? Time is flying faster and faster! There are so many fun things happening this month. On Friday our first book order of the year is due. To order online go to: scholastic.com/bookclubs our class code is GXYX9. Each time you order online our class receives a free book. You may browse books online from all flyers and all grade levels (on Friday I sent home paper flyers for our grade). This will help you pick the just right books for your family. If you choose to order books as gifts for the upcoming holidays, let me know and I will put them in the office for you to pick up so your child will not see them otherwise I will send your books home with your child. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks for us to receive our order. I hope you will take the time to browse the flyers with your child and choose a new book or two to read together.

On October 30th we will be taking our walking field trip to Texas Roadhouse. We will leave around 10:30 and be back around 2:00ish. We will learn all about the restaurant, eat lunch, and even learn to line dance. Please watch for the permission slip to come home. We have also been told that our class shirts will be here for us to wear so please have your child wear his or her class shirt.

Halloween is on its way. Look for more information to come about our class party and the school parade. It is going to be a fun month!

Our Schedule this Week

                    • Monday - Computers - PTA Fundraisers Due
                    • Tuesday - Music - Reflections Entries Due - Bus Safety Assembly
                    • Wednesday - Library - Prevent Child Abuse Lessons today or tomorrow
                    • Thursday - Art/Traits - Hearing Screening - Math Benchmark 1
                    • Friday - P.E. - Spelling and Sight Word Tests

Week of September 24 - 28, 2018

This week I will begin sending home Take Home Readers. Take Home are meant to give your child extra practice reading. The books will be a bit easy, to a bit hard, and some will be just right. Read the books with your child until you feel that he or she can read it easily, with expression, and can talk about what was read. When you are ready for a new book, sign the reading log and have your child bring it back. I will change the books and send new ones home. These books are fairly short and will not take up your child's entire reading time. Please continue to visit the library and read books from many different sources. Thank you for reading with your child at home.

Our Schedule this Week

                    • Monday - Computers
                    • Tuesday - Music
                    • Wednesday - Library - Vision Screening
                    • Thursday - Art/Traits - Hearing Screening
                    • Friday - P.E. - Spelling and Sight Word Tests

Week of September 17 - 21, 2018

The PTA fundraiser kick-off is Monday. Let's support our PTA. Last week we had our Reflections Assembly. If your child would like to participate in the Reflections competition, please pick up an entry form from the office. Participating in the Reflections program will count toward a Raptor Goal for the end of the year Raptor Award.

Our Schedule this Week

                    • Monday - Computers - Fundraiser Assembly
                    • Tuesday - Music
                    • Wednesday - Library
                    • Thursday - Art/Traits
                    • Friday - P.E. - Spelling and Sight Word Tests