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HHS Sophomore Registration
(Current 9th graders)

For more information check out HHS' website at:

Click the slides below for info to help register your student within Skyward.

23_24 HHS Course Request Help for Parents.pdf
1. HHS Sophomore Orientation Letter 2024 (combined).pdf
HHS_10thGrade Selections (2024).pdf

MCMS Reality Town Volunteers Needed!

Wednesday April 17th, 2024 : 8am-11am.

We need your help!

We need at least 60 parent/guardian volunteers to assist our students at different booths during Reality Town (including the bank, utilities, insurance, day care, etc.)! If you volunteer your student will get an additional $100 added to their budget, however you do NOT need to have a 9th grade student to volunteer.  To sign up please click here. 

What is Reality Town?

Reality Town is a 9th grade program that teaches our students that grades/decisions count in "real life".  Your student will apply for a job based on their GPA. They will receive a month's "salary" and have the opportunity to pay the bills and try to balance the lifestyle they want to have. It is a lot of fun, and a great learning experience.

Becky Hunsaker Departure

We want to thank Becky Hunsaker for her service to the students of Mountain Creek Middle School.
Becky is the 1st ever counselor at Mountain Creek Middle school being hired as the team lead in 2019 when the school was created. She hired the team, created the culture, and made the programs that are MCMS Student Services.

As of January 8th, 2024 Ms. Hunsaker, has left the district to pursue other goals in other states.  Lots of big and exciting changes are happening for her.  We are very grateful for her commitment to MCMS and especially her friendship.  We’re all so excited for where life is taking her.  Never forget Rule # 1…Congrats Bex!

Becky's students will now have the pleasure to work with Amy Morris, who is taking over last names L-Q starting January 2nd, 2024.

2024-25 Pre-Registration

Registration for next year is in progress.  If you haven't returned your registration card for next year, please turn it in to Student Services ASAP. 

7th Grade Card

Current 6th grade

(2030 Grad)

24-25_7th Grade Reg Card (Eng).pdf

8th Grade Card

Current 7th grade

(2029 Grad)

24-25_8thgradeRegCard (English).pdf

9th Grade Card

Current 8th grade

(2028 Grad)

23-24+9th grade Registration (English).pdf

**Registration cards are for MCMS in-person classes only. If you want to do virtual learning or hybrid classes please see information below. **

Virtual Learning

If you are interested in doing any virtual (hybrid or full time) schooling during the 2024-25 school year you must register at the appropriate virtual school through their website below.  For more information visit Jordan Virtual Learning Academy's website at

Kings Peak High School (Grade 9-12) -

​Kelsey Peak Middle School (Grades 7-8) - 

23-24 Schedule Change Process

We are limited on space in multiple classes.  Schedule changes are based on academic need and class availability.

January 2nd- 10th: Request will be fulfilled for ERRORS in schedule (missing class, summer class not removed, repeated class, etc.)

January 10th - January 19th:  All other requests. Elective changes and errors remain a priority. 

January 24th 2024: Counselors will have finalized all schedule change requests before 3:30pm. 

**Schedule changes cannot be made to accommodate friends, lunch, or teacher preferences**

**Schedule changes cannot be made to accommodate friends, lunch, or teacher preferences**

2022-23 Choose Kind Drone Photo!

"Hey! I think I can see the new Harmons from here"

Thank you SO much to Daybreak legend Jason Yeaman for taking our traditional photo!

Info about 7th Grade Accelerated Math

Our fantasitc Math teacher Mrs. Jensen shares insight about our Accelerated Math Program: 

"Traditionally, Jordan School District has had 7th graders who are advanced in math skip 7th grade math and go directly into 8th honors. However, data shows that when students skip 7th grade math, they end up with some holes in their math understanding when they reach higher grades. For example, 7th grade math really delves into proportional relationships, and students who skip 7th grade math lack a deep understanding of proportions, which can impact their math learning later.

At our school, we chose to implement a new model which allows students to accelerate in math without skipping any math standards. Here (below)  is an image which illustrates our model compared to Jordan District's model for acceleration.  As you can see, in both models students end up one year ahead in math, taking Secondary 2 in 9th grade instead of 10th grade. However, in our model, students do not miss the 7th grade math standards and therefore have a more complete math education.

Because we are learning all of the 7th grade math standards and half of the 8th grade math standards in one school year, we move at a very fast pace. Even with our fast pace, last year 94% of my accelerated students achieved proficiency on the RISE math test! I feel very confident that this is a more complete way to accelerate in math. Data shows that students in this type of program achieve greater long-term success.

I believe we are the only school in Jordan District which follows this new model. (We are a new school, so we had the flexibility to implement a new program which follows the data, rather than just doing what's always been done). Jordan District's placement test assumes the traditional model because that's what most schools in the district are doing. If you have any further questions, please let me know" - Mrs. Jensen (

School Mission Statement

Preparing students to succeed