Asian Immigration In Australia

The globalisation of people around the world spreads culture, values, beliefs and a suspended connection between prevailing countries. The diversity and multiculturalism of Australia is a result of early immigration by many races. Specifically, Asian immigration seems to have a prominent role in this system. What Asian immigration brought was not only the spread of culture, language, products, but it is also the ‘viewpoints’ of Asia that it brought that allowed the Australia to change their perception of Asia. For the theme "Making a better world?", we believe the history of Asian immigration in Australia had contributed to the cause.

We have in this website given an overview of Asian Immigration throughout Australia (see "Background" tab) as well as drawing from primary sources to compare different periods in recent immigration history: our families (see "Interviews" tab). We compare the experiences of each family (in the "Comparison" tab) and discuss how we see Asian immigrants' influence on Australia; and Australia's influence on Asian immigrants (in the "Modern Day Immigration" tab). We explain how our research for Asian Immigration in Australia was conducted through different sources, and the overall history related to the theme of "Making a better world?" (in the "Conduction of Research" tab).

Table of Contents:

  1. Background
  2. Interviews
  3. Comparison
  4. Modern Day Immigration
  5. Our Presentation related to "Making a Better World?" & Conduction of Research
  6. Annotated Bibliography

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