Jakarta International Baptist Church

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 7, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 71794624

General information : ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id or deacons@jibc.or.id

Prayer requests : prayer@jibc.or.id

Member enquiries : elders@jibc.or.id

Breaking info - April 29th, 2020 :

Welcome to our church’s web page! We are so glad to be alive in this day and time. The world is literally changing before our lives and we get to look to the Lord God of heaven to see His will at work in our lifetime. We are doing more than just “hanging in there,” we are growing in faith and love as we see people around us in need and try to reach out to them.

An outreach of our church currently is the distribution of sembako, food packages, to those around us in need. It is pure joy to know that we are helping people in their great need. As we continue to help feed these dear people, we are building loving relationships with them. Pray for us to have wisdom in our generosity and to continue to give as the need increases.

I have returned to a sermon series that I began in March. This series studies Old Testament examples to guide us to greater understanding of God and greater faith in Him.

Join us each Sunday as we put up new Sunday church videos each week. These videos are the combined effort of many in our church. The youth are helping with music, different men are reading the Scriptures, and others are helping with recording and video production. When you watch the service, do us a favor and hit the “like” button or leave a comment as that helps us with our knowledge of how many are watching. (Since I cannot see you in the church service, your likes and comments are a source of encouragement each Sunday.)

Each week, small group Bible studies meet over Zoom and have space for anyone who would like to join. Studies take place for all adults Monday and Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings, for ladies Tuesday and Thursday morning, and for teens 2:00 Sunday afternoon. If you are missing being in church, jump into one our small groups and enjoy the fellowship and love.

God bless,

Pastor Steve


As we come together to worship Christ, we do so as a community of believers across space and time carrying on the praise of the One who has given us life, by sacrificing His own. We are glad you are here with us at Jakarta International Baptist Church (JIBC).

Our purpose is to glorify GOD

upwardly through worship

inwardly through discipleship

outwardly through evangelism


10.45am : General Sunday Service and JIBC Online Ministry

9.30am : Sunday Schools for Adults and Children

8.45am : Sunday Prayer Fellowship

Note :

Parallel with every sunday service, we have :

Bahasa Indonesia Bible Fellowship


Children Church Service

There are also some Small Group Fellowships at congregation's homes.

Please contact ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id for schedule.



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IDR : 800 130 151 600

USD : 800 131 081 740

Designated Offering (needs description of purpose) :

IDR : 800 130 149 700

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